Illustration Presentation

A while ago I was asked to do a joint presentation about illustration at my University, and I chose to focus on 3D and experimental illustration. Here are some of the pieces/illustrators I discussed:

Eleanor Bowley, British, used  sewing, buttons, lace, and paper to create a series of portraits.

Louisa Bufardeci, USA, collected audio files of anti-war speeches, took a snapshot of the soundwave and editied it in photoshop to match the squares per inch of her canvas, this became her stitching guide and she hand stitched the final products.

Bovey Lee, Born Hong Kong, now in Pensylvania, used paper cut with chinese rice paper to create this beautiful and tragic illustration of the Tsunami.

Peter Callesen, USA, used paper cut and he uses the cut out part to add another dimension to his work. Simple, clean and effective.

Jeff Nishinaka, LA, paper sculpture, hand cut then layered. A 3D paper sculpture of this complexity is breath taking!

Melvin Galapon, uk, used cigarette packets and electrical tape to create a message about smoker’s lungs.

Mark Khaisman, Russian tape artist, images made out of parcel tape, this is an advertisement for Tesa in Germany to show the strength of their tape.

Emily Alston, UK,  3D illustration for selfridges window.