Emmanuel Romeuf

Emmanuel Romeuf is a French illustrator whose work for Gîtes de France I saw on another blog recently. His illustrations are fun and whimsical, and to me have that French, ‘Amélie’-type quirkyness and cuteness.

The faces on the kites are such a simple idea, but turn what could be a fairly plain image into a fun scene.

These faces are brilliant. How could this fail to bring a smile to your face?

He uses the same style of illustration for the more corporate situations, showing it can be versatile.


Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic

Beautiful calligraphic images by Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic. His ink work is wonderful – neat and controlled type body, with emotive, spontaneous messy inked edges. I need to browse his website more!

Olly Moss

A graphic designer who creates beautiful screen printed movie posters and editorial images. I would love to be making complex prints like these. The designs are superb! Have a look at his website, Ollymoss.com.

An editorial piece for the New York Times.
It is simple, yet effectively communicates a debate and a clash of opinions between two nations.

Great placement of the gun/profile here, a very clever composition.

This is a great design and shows what can be done with multiple screens to make an impact!

Brilliant reworking of a classic image – Rubin’s vase/faces optical illusion: