New Musical Notation?

As someone who has studied classical music I was intriqued by Laia Clos of Mot Studio in Barcelona creating a new musical notation system consisting of coloured dots.

Above is her version of Vivaldi’s primavera (Spring), part of his Four Season’s concerto. I can imagine the classical music world scoffing with contempt at the suggestion that musical notation has been re-visualised (tradition, tradition, tradition…) so I can’t see this taking off. From what I can see this graphic lacks one of the key parts of musical notation that I think are vital for reading – the notes here do not go up and down! If anything that must be the most important thing to indicate how to play, especially when you are presented with the sheet music the day before opening night, which is often the case. Innovative notation techniques would be more suited to, and have been used for experimental music, but in the precise world of classical music needs something more instantly recognisable. I feel this is a place for the phrase, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’!


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