Recognisable Branding

Logo blog, Logo Design Love featured an article based on O2’s branding, sparked by the following quote:

“With a brand like O2, its success lies in the richness and depth of its ‘brand world’, which features bubbles, colour, photography, and typography … you could remove the logo and still know the brand.”

The article finishes with the question; ‘With what other identities can you remove the logo, yet still identify the brand?’ – which got me thinking…

After wracking my brains and looking around me, I have found the following answers to the question:

Number one has to be current ‘vintage’ favourite, Penguin books – just the simple bands of a colour and cream are so recognisable, especially the orange ones as that colour represents fiction, which are probably the most popular.

Another one that came to mind is Cadburys chocolate – who had their particular shade of purple trademarked (it is between two pantone shades)

I’m sure there are others, suggestions greatly appreciated!


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