A Pint in the Red Lion?

I’m not usually a fan of this Newspaper, but since they’ve made a stab at infographics I thought I’d give them a chance! The Mail on Sunday’s ‘Live’ magazine’s centrefold is a typographic representation of 1,000 popular pub names in England. The font size correlates to how common the name is and the colour catergorises them by the name’s origin.

‘Red Lion’ was the most popular name. There is a spreadsheet with quantities of the pubs on the Mail’s website here. I think the piece works well as a page in a Sunday magazine as it gets everyone scouring through the names looking for pubs they know or finding the most unnusual names. Some of my favourites are ‘Snooty Fox’, ‘Leather Bottle’ and ‘Plume of Feathers’! I think it is great to see traditional pubs being celebrated in infographic form.  My only criticism would be that it would have been nice to combine the visual and data so all the information would be read from one source.


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