‘Unofficial’ Royal Wedding Merchandise

With three weeks to go until the Royal Wedding I thought I’d take a look at some of the unofficial merchandise available. I think these are examples of sentiments more in line with the public than the somewhat outdated official merchandise.

Graphic artist Lydia Leith has created hand screen-printed sick bags for the day incase the romanticism and ‘pomp and circumstance’ becomes too sickly sweet.

These are quirky and fun and show a light-hearted and more cynical (maybe even more British) take on the occasion. The screen-printing allows the buyer to feel they have a piece of original art and it is great to see traditional techiniques being used for mass-production commercial use.

The KK Outlet has produced a range of plates representing the British public’s various takes on the wedding.

This is the main thing I’ve heard people around me saying about the day – great to see it immortalised here.

A valid point!

The great thing about these plates is that whilst they are portraying blunt, honest and slightly controversial views, they are still well-designed attractive items.

My views on the Royalty aside, I wish them luck as a couple. Happy Wedding Day for the 29th!


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