Forsman & Bodenfors – Homemade is best

The winners of this years Brit Insurance Designs of  the Year goes to Forsman & Bodenfors’ ‘Homemade is Best’ book and iPhone app for Ikea. They produced them to encourage people to imagine themselves using their kitchens when shoppinging in the popular store. The images present 30 Swedish baking recipes in a wonderful minamilist, Japanese style, using the ingredients themselves. Being a fan of 3D and photography work, I think these pieces are wonderful and it is interesting to get more of an insight into Swedish cuisine, a cuisine not known about as much as others. I love how they have constructed the ingredients to create images and I imagine it was very fun to make! I must get my hands of a copy of this book and get baking!

See their website for further details and/or see them exhibited at the Design Museum now until 7th August!

The ingredients for Vaniljhorn

The finished articles.

In the book the ingredients are listed with text next to the image of them

and the method is written out in points next to the image of the results


These pieces remind me of German illustrator, Sara Illenberger’s papercut of Chilli Con Carne ingredients:

Although this piece did not actually explain how to make the dish!


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