Gallery of Computation

Jared Tarbell is an American programmer who uses algorithms to make beautifully complex graphic images. He makes all his source codes available and modifiable. Have a look at his website and browse images and adapt his code to create your own if you are technologically inclined!

Orbitals variation B – ‘The Orbitals is a collection of particles operating on one simple rule: choose another particle in the system and orbit it with a fixed radius at a constant velocity. In this variation, a single root particle is instantiated in the center of the stage. All other particles introduced to the system fall into orbit at some level.’

Substrate – ‘Lines likes crystals grow on a computational substrate. A simple perpendicular growth rule creates intricate city-like structures.’

Bubble Chamber – ‘The Bubble Chamber is a generative painting system of imaginary colliding particles. A single super-massive collision produces a discrete universe of four particle types. Particles draw their positions over time as pixel exposures.’


Although I am not much of a programmer myself, I think algorithms are a great design and science tool. One huge benefit of programmes like this is that they are open-source and creators usually publish their codes so that others can learn and build on them, making the medium grow rapidly in complexity and understanding.


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