Samuel Granados

Infographics are a popular trend in Graphic Design at the moment. I prefer infographics that are informative, explicit and instantly understandable. Especially if they are different from the norm. A good example of this is Samuel Granados’ 3D lego installations showing geographical data.

You can see his website here.

Here are the pieces:

This project caught my attention because of the medium used. However, they may be guilty of (the biggest infographic crime) putting form over function. I found out that the maps display immigrants and emmigrants to and from Mexico. Although this is not explained on the pieces and even with that knowledge in mind, I find it hard to read any data from them. This is a real shame because it was a great idea, but since it fails to communicate I am afraid, in my mind it fails as an infographic! I do not think the pieces are a complete failure though, they just need some extra information or visuals to explain their purpose. This could have been done by incorporating typography on the white backgrounds or on the pieces themselves, or by adding icons of people/directions.


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