Nobrow is a small publishing house in East London who specialise in providing “an independent publishing platform for illustration and the graphic arts that would showcase some of the best talent out there today.” They “place a renewed focus on quality in print, using wherever possible the best materials we can get our hands on and always trying to play with format, color, size and design to ensure that our publications are well conceived and individual.”

I think it is wonderful that there are modern companies who are promoting and enhancing the world of printed media and are allowing designers, illustrators and artists to make their work come to life in the way they intended.

See Nobrow’s website here.

A spread from Nobrow 4 – Nobrow’s own magazine. The magazine is image based, with no articles. It is beautifully made and the illustrations are  lovely, although I’d like there to be a bit more substance – either more pages or something to read/do?

A spread from ‘Pebble Island’ by Jon Mcnaught.
This is an example of Nobrow Press – beautiful, tactile illustrated books which run in editions of 3000 – 5000.

A spread from ‘Bela Lugosi’ by Paul Paetzel.
This is an example of Nobrow Small Press – hand screenprinted publications with limited runs of 100 or less.

Nobrow currently has an exhibition running called Four Hats, by Matt Cruickshank.
Go and check it out if you can!


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